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Serious skin care products

Serious skin care products



skin care products have a different focus than most skin care lines; they believe in creating a partnership with the skin. This partnership includes utilizing ingredients that the skin recognizes, maintaining the epidermal barrier while focusing most of the attention on the dermis, virtually eliminating inflammation during repair and feeding the skin through increasing blood flow. The combination of these strategies in conjunction with the unique ability to penetrate the skin without harming it make this line the best skin care products in the world at restoring skin health and returning it to a more youthful state.
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Harmonized Water is excited to be part of a new wave of beverage alternatives. We all know the benefits of hydration and that benefit remains with our Harmonized Waters. Our water is extremely pure and even structured as a result of the harmonization process. The most exciting component of Harmonized Water is the addition of frequencies that balance disharmonies in your body.
Harmonized Water utilizes several beneficial frequencies that have been imprinted on water molecules through a revolutionary process. The frequencies have proven to stay in water for years. Consuming these beverages allows the beneficial frequencies to spread through our (water-filled) bodies. Scientists have become increasingly supportive of the idea that molecules can hold energy. There has also been a growing awareness that frequencies (from lighting and other sources) have an impact on cellular activity. Harmonized Water has simply put those two concepts together to create frequency-enhanced water that has positive effects on cellular activity.
Through ingesting the waters, the body is able to correct these imbalances, restore harmony and increase colonies of good cells. For example, Anti-Pathogen Harmonized Water has a frequency to reduce the over-abundance of candida or yeast overgrowth in the body which can cause acneic breakouts (also beneficial for hormonal acne which can be exasperated from overgrowth of fungus), and helps to stabilize the over-production that can sometimes occur.
Drinking Harmonized Water produces a modification of the "toxic filter" which allows healthy cellular activity to return, providing harmony to a disorganized section of anatomy for increased overall wellness.