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A leading clinical skin care products company in the development of professional chemical peels and advanced topicals for nearly 20 years, PCA SKIN® was the first cosmeceutical company to provide scientifically researched daily skin care products and professional treatments to the medical and clinical aesthetics markets and is acknowledged in medical textbooks as the originator of advanced blended chemical peel formulations.


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Two types of Sun Protection: There are two types of skin care sun protection available: chemical sunscreens and physical sunblocks. A chemical sunscreen works by absorbing, reflecting or scattering the sun’s rays (UV radiation) before they affect the skin. A physical sunblock sits on the skin's surface and reflects or scatters UV radiation before it is able to damage the skin. These two forms ofskin care protection have different methods of achieving a similar goal. 

The FDA requires that all skin care sun protection products display a Sun Protection Factor or SPF label. The SPF indicates the relative amount of sunburn protection a skin care product can provide when used correctly. Sunscreens or sunblocks with an SPF of at least 15 are recommended, however the number can be misleading as an SPF of 30 is not twice the protective as an SPF of 15. When used properly, an SPF of 15 protects the skin from 93 percent of UVB radiation and an SPF 30 sunscreen provides 97 percent protection. Although the SPF ratings apply only to UVB rays, applying a skin care product containing avobenzone, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide will provide broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. 

Two types of UV Radiation:  The two types of UV radiation that can affect the skin, UVA and UVB, have both been linked to skin cancer and a weakening of the immune system. They also both cause skin color changes and contribute to premature aging. UVA rays are not absorbed by the ozone layer and penetrate deep into the skin. UVB rays mostly impact the surface of the skin and are the primary cause of sunburn. Up to 90 percent of the visible skin changes commonly attributed to aging are caused by sun exposure. 


About PCA’s Skin Care Sun Protection Products:
SPF skin care products from PCA SKIN are formulated with a sophisticated blend of chemical sunscreen ingredients that protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. PCA chooses chemical ingredients rather than physical for two important reasons:

  • These skin care products are formulated with every skin type, condition and tone in mind. This ensures that most people can wear our skin care products comfortably.  Daily broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection is important for everyone of every color. Darker-skinned individuals often find physical blocks leave them with a chalky or ashy appearance, as the ingredients sit on the surface of the skin rather than being absorbed. 
  • PCA skin care strives to formulate cosmetically elegant skin care sun protection products that are effective and also have a smooth, light feel when applied to the skin. Chemical sunscreen ingredients have a much more comfortable feel on the skin than physical blocks making them perfect as light, daily wear sunscreens.

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