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$40 gift certificate

$40 gift certificate

$40 gift certificate
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Receive a $40 gift certificate for services from the best Esthetics Salon in the area.

Whether it is for you or your loved ones, give the gift that statistics shows, has become the “most popular” gifts year ‘round.

Certificate will be mailed. VALUE of certificate can be used for the purchase of ANY service offered! Buy addition certificates for others, this is a gift that will be remembered!

Features Benefits
Give the gift of Health & Beauty For all those in your life that have loved you, taken care of you, shared happiness, shared heartache, a family member, a Mom, a Dad, a friend, co-worker, or employee, they each deserve the “perfect gift”. There is no better way to say “thank you”.
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$40 gift certificate (SKU: 40GC)$40 gift certificate (SKU: 40GC)Ideal Gift: $40 gift certificate for a Health & Beauty Treatment
$60 Gift Certificate (SKU: 60GC)$60 Gift Certificate (SKU: 60GC)Ideal Gift: $60 gift certificate for a Health & Beauty Treatment
$80 Gift Certificate (SKU: 80GC)$80 Gift Certificate (SKU: 80GC)Ideal Gift: $80 gift certificate for a Health & Beauty Treatment
Finipil LAIT 50 (SKU: FL50)Finipil LAIT 50 (SKU: FL50)

Antiseptic Cream for application immediately after hair removal treatments. and in between treatments. 

Glo Balancing Mist (SKU: G606-1)Glo Balancing Mist (SKU: G606-1)Regimen - Combination 
Glo Conditioning Hydration Cream (SKU: G639-1)Glo Conditioning Hydration Cream (SKU: G639-1)Regimen - Combination 
Glo Conditioning Milk Cleanser (SKU: G604-1)Glo Conditioning Milk Cleanser (SKU: G604-1)Regimen - Dry 
Glo Conditioning Mist (SKU: G607-1)Glo Conditioning Mist (SKU: G607-1)Regimen - Dry 
Glo Contour Eye Lift (SKU: G652-1)Glo Contour Eye Lift (SKU: G652-1)Regimen - Lip & Eyecare 
Glo Daily Mineral Defense SPF 30 (SKU: G696-1)Glo Daily Mineral Defense SPF 30 (SKU: G696-1)Regimen - Dry 
Glo Essential Cleansing Oil (SKU: G601-1)Glo Essential Cleansing Oil (SKU: G601-1)Regimen, Pre Cleanse
Glo Eye Restore (SKU: G651-1)Glo Eye Restore (SKU: G651-1)Regimen - Lip & Eyecare 
Glo Gentle Makeup Remover (SKU: G600-1)Glo Gentle Makeup Remover (SKU: G600-1)Regimen, Pre Cleanse
Glo Hydrating Gel Cleanser (SKU: G603-1)Glo Hydrating Gel Cleanser (SKU: G603-1)Regimen - Combination 
Glo Lip Revival (SKU: G675-1)Glo Lip Revival (SKU: G675-1)Regimen - Lip & Eyecare 
Glo Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ - Dark (SKU: G678-1-167)Glo Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ - Dark (SKU: G678-1-167)Regimen - Combination 
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