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Chemotherapy Support

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Chemotherapy Support

Chemotherapy/radiation therapy and the skin


Here at Aphrodite Skin Care, Beauty Day Spa, we know that it is critical to sooth and support the skin of those undergoing treatment for cancer. We offer many-advanced daily care products that provide gentle, non-irritating cleansing; soothing; and strengthening benefits for stressed skin.


Common dermatological side effects of cancer treatment
• sensitivity or allergic reactions            

• acne/folliculitis                     

• hyperpigmentation              

• flushing
• severe dryness                                     

• photosensitivity                  

• rashes

Through good skin care, we can help these patients look and feel better. It is wise to select skin care products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, colors or other known sensitizers to avoid instigating any reactions. Peels should be avoided during the course of chemotherapy, except detox gel for acne breakouts/folliculitis. Cancer patients should consult their oncologist prior to beginning any new regimens.

Rehabilitating the skin after completion of treatment: Using gentle products during treatment can help keep hyperpigmentation at bay, but when the skin recovers, blended superficial chemical peels can help to rid the skin of any unwanted pigmentary deposits. Protocols should focus on the low-dose approach to allow the skin to adjust and regain equilibrium.

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