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Eyeliners pricing and gallery

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Nadiya & Iryna
Licensed by Department of Health

We do NOT perform any Permanent Cosmetic & Skin Needling services if you are Pregnant or Nursing!

Permanent Cosmetics procedures may require touch-up and color boost.


Our Beauty Day Spa mantra is "You can Look Better at Any Age!" and Permanent Cosmetics is a great enhancement for any woman.

Eyeliner - Upper & Lower    *$420 - $480
Eyeliner - Upper only            *$240 - $300
Eyeliner - Lower only            *$180 - $240
*Pricing is related to how thick you want the liner to be.
Note: Liner appearance will shrink in size as skin heals.

                Patch Test                         $40   

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Serving St. Louis Bi-State Area.

Bottom only Liner

Bottom Liner Only

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