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Permanent Cosmetics

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Nadiya & Iryna
Licensed by Department of Health

We do NOT perform any Permanent Cosmetic & Skin Needling services if you are Pregnant or Nursing!

Permanent Cosmentic Procedures may require touch-up and color boost.

Offering Basic Workshops for Permanent Cosmetics

Offering Basic Workshops for Permanent Cosmetics

Permanet MakeUp application of Eyeliners
Permanent cosmetics facility licensed by the State of Illinios Department of Public Health

Permanent Cosmetics
Beauty Day Spa
Serving St. Louis Bi-state Area.

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"Wake up with makeup"
 Clients love it !!

EYEBROWS: Eyebrows are the most important feature of the face and can give the entire face a “lift”. If you are tired of the hassle of daily application and the inconvenience of accidentally wiping off or smudging your brows, then PC is for you.  Your Bone Structure (not a stencil) is used as a guide to create the most flattering eyebrow design.

Permanent cosmetics can improve eyebrows that are now droopy, uneven, too small, too thin, too short, have no arch and have thin or partial hair. From a few strokes to fill small areas, to total brow recreation … you can have the freedom of never using an eyebrow pencil again. 

EYE LINERS: You will be extremely delighted with your eyeliner. No more pulling on delicate eye tissue to apply or remove pencil eyeliner. Imagine no more smeared or smudged eyeliner. For wondrously defined eyes, or delicate eyelash enhancement, permanent eyeliner is your answer. 

Permanent eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colors; it is applied with sterile supplies and topical anesthetics. Color is placed along the upper/lower eyelash margins. This procedure eliminates washout look and smudges, enhances the color of your eyes and make your eyes appear larger. 

For permanent enhancement, color is placed in between the eyelashes giving you a fuller and darker lash look, creating a soft halo around the eyes. From a soft, natural-looking enhancement to a more defined line, the choice is yours. Whatever look you choose, you will wake up, shower, exercise, work, swim, and go to bed always looking your best. 

Permanent eyeliner is a must for women who are allergic to conventional makeup, wear contact lenses, have poor eyesight or have shaky hands.

LIPS: You can have fuller looking and more defined lips without surgery! The permanent cosmetics procedure for lip liner is beautiful. It can change the size, shape and contour of the lips, as well as the color for a more defined sensual look. This procedure helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding areas.

Another option is to have the entire lip filled in this procedure can enhance the beauty of well-shaped lips or re-shape lips. Color can correct asymmetry, add definition and fullness, enlarge thin lips and minimize the appearance of large lips. Permanent lip color is the solution to de-emphasizing age lines around the lips. 

Permanent Lip color can be applied very lightly for a soft, natural look or heavily for a dramatic look. Most women prefer a more natural lip shade. We are able to custom blend pigments to match your favorite tube of lipstick.

Corrections & Secondary Work: Are you unhappy with your lip, eyeliner or brow design? If you had your application performed at another location, we specialize in color corrections secondary work, scar and skin camouflage.

Areola Re-pigmentation: Re-pigmentation to the areola (the darker skin area surrounding the nipple) is a treatment that changes the lives of those who have had breast reconstruction surgery or a mastectomy. Sometimes entire nipples are simulated, giving many women their esteem back.

Some women may have scars from breast augmentation, or other surgeries around their areolas or simply desire larger areolas. With permanent cosmetics, this is now possible.

Reasons to have Permanent Cosmetic Makeup!

  • Save Time & Money
  • Visual Impairment (wear contact lenses or glasses)
  • Alopecia sufferers who have lost some or all of their facial hair
  • Cancer or Chemotherapy recipients
  • Active life style ... people who want to look their best and not worry about reapplying cosmetics
  • Unsteady or arthritic hands ... difficulty in makeup application
  • Asymmetrical features
  • Cosmetic allergies
  • Sparse or light Eyelashes/Eyebrows
  • Oily Skin
  • A desire to always look your best

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is:
A non-surgical procedure
Always fresh
A confidence builder for everyone

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Serving St. Louis Bi-State Area.  FAQ's

What are the benefits?
Everyone, at any age, who desires a soft, natural enhancement to his or her appearance will benefit. Active lifestyles enjoy the ‘won't wash off' benefit and leave the office at the end of the day still looking great. It is especially beneficial for people who are unable to wear makeup due to allergies to regular makeup products, hay fever, sensitive skin, and arthritis or poor vision. Permanent cosmetic makeup is also used for scar camouflage, hair loss from Chemotherapy, Alopecia, areola restoration, vitiligo, and enhancing natural skin tones.

Will Permanent Cosmetic Makeup still look good on me, as I get older and my skin changes?
As long as you look good with correctly applied makeup, you will look GREAT with permanent cosmetic makeup! As for the skin changing and making a difference, this is not a problem, since the elasticity of the skin doesn't interfere with the color. Remember no matter what age you are, adding color to the brows, lips and around the eyes brings out a more youthful look.

Is Permanent Cosmetic Makeup really permanent?
Yes and no. The procedures are considered permanent because they can't be washed off and the color is implanted into the dermal layer. Over time, fading can and often does occur. Many factors influence the longevity of permanent cosmetic make-up such as: sun exposure and tanning booths on the face, synthetic hormones, chlorine pools, excessive dry skin, various drugs and medication, high alcohol intake, inadequate water intake and smoking. These are some of the factors that could possibly necessitate the need for additional applications. At maintenance visits, color can be enhanced and refreshed for a lower fee than the initial procedure.

How long does each procedure take?
The initial procedure will take 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours. This will include color consultation, design and the actual implantation. Procedure times vary according to the individual's sensitivity, hydration, density, elasticity, age, and overall condition of the skin. Maintenance visits are approximately 1 hour. Is Permanent cosmetic makeup safe?

Permanent cosmetic makeup is FDA approved and allergy tested. It is a revolutionary procedure (also referred to as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or demographics) of applying micro insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This premier, state-of-the-art technique is medically developed and specifically designed for a safe, virtually painless permanent application.
Aphrodite Skin Care LLC beauty day spa is considered the best skin care center to visit for residents of the St. Louis bistate area.

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