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Acne Clinic 

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According to American Dermatological Association “Approximately 50 million Americans are affected with some form of acne, making this disorder the most common skin disease in the U.S. Of the total, 85% are teenagers who have acne, and 25% will have permanent acne scars.”

Acne develops as a result of blockages in follicles. Hyperkeratinization and formation of a plug of keratin and sebum (a microcomedo) is the earliest change. The microcomedo may enlarge to form an open comedo (blackhead) or closed comedo (whitehead). Whiteheads are the direct result of skin pores becoming clogged with sebum, naturally occurring oil, and dead skin cells. In these conditions the naturally occurring bacteria Propionibacterium acnes can cause lesions (papules, pustules, or nodules) in the dermis around the comedo, which results in redness and may result in scarring or hyperpigmentation. 

You can get acne three times in your life:

As a neonate  – from mother’s hormones

As a teenager – from your own hormones

As an adult    – from hormone imbalance, going on and off Birth control pills, stress and cosmetics, drugs, excessive sunlight

Many sufferers don’t make the connection between their acne and their favorite cosmetics. Sometimes it takes 4 to 6 months to cause a flare up. There are Misconceptions about “oil free” cosmetic. The product maybe contains no animal, vegetable or mineral oil, but it may contain “synthetic oil” which is just as bad. Since cosmetic acne usually appears subtly after several months of repeated use of a comedogenic (Acne producing) product, many women do not connect their outbreaks with the product. The more they breakout, the more make up they use to cover it up, which only leads to more blemishes.

A pimple is a kind of comedo that results from excess sebum and dead skin cells getting trapped in the pores of the skin. In its aggravated state, it may evolve into a pustule or papules. Pimples, pimple on lip, any pimple popping should only be performed by specialists treating your skin, and providing a pimple patch. If you do it at home, could lead to scaring. What ever you do be sure to treat with benzoyl peroxide.

At Aphrodite Skin Care day spa we offer various acne treatment options for the different types of Acne, including: Different Acne facials, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, LED Lights Therapy (LED Blue light attacks bacteria and targets acne at its source, and LED Red light helps in the healing of redness and scarring). Will provide information how to get rid of acne and how to get rid of acne scars. Can also provide pimple treatments , to help with blackheads remover.

Medical facials at our Spa, are combined with the skin care program to extract lesions as they migrate to the surface. At-home treatment will combine two or more topical medications allowing the different factors causing the acne to be attacked simultaneously. This technique will give patients faster clearing and better resolution. 


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