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Glo - SolutionGlo - Solution
Personalize your skincare routine with results-driven products to firm, smooth, brighten, clear and calm. Glo skincare experts have grouped multi-tasking formulas with beneficial actives to resolve five primary skin concerns.
  • Firm: resolve aging concerns Using firming, reparative and antioxidant ingredients in combination creates a cascade of actives that work to smooth, lift and tighten while promoting healthy, radiant skin.
  • Bright: resolve hyperpigmentation Darkening of the skin due to an over-accumulation or uneven distribution of melanin is caused by factors including sun exposure, hormones, medication and skin trauma. One common cause is acne. Use products that inhibit melanin formation and exfoliate to brighten and target existing pigmented areas.
  • Clear: resolve breakouts Many experts believe there is a genetic link to acne, although anyone can experience congestion and breakouts. Decrease oil production and purify the skin by eliminating bacteria, reducing inflammation and healing breakouts. Whether your acne is genetically rooted or externally triggered, our experts have your skin clearing arsenal ready.
  • Calm: resolve sensitivity Someone with sensitized skin may experience redness, stinging and irritation. This common condition can occur in anyone at any age and may be more severe during different times of the year. Help calm irritable skin with products to gently hydrate, condition and soothe redness while reinforcing and protecting the skin’s natural barrier.
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