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Scalp Micropigmentation Training
We do NOT perform any Permanent Cosmetic & Skin Needling services if you are Pregnant or Nursing!

SMP Procedures require 3 treatment applicxations.
Problem area disappears.
Fundamental Course for "Scalp MP" (Micropigmentation)
Also referred to as "SMP"
Aphrodite Academy of Permanent Cosmetics (AAPC)/Aphrodite Skin Care LLC provides a Fundamental Course for “Scalp Micropigmentation” (SMP) that will help you get started in this exciting, rapidly growing, and lucrative profession. AAPC’s goal is to provide a solid academic foundation coupled with practical, hands-on experience. A career in permanent cosmetics, also known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattooing can be a path to working a flexible schedule, being able to control your income, and owning your own business.
AAPC understands that each student's learning curve is different; we specialize in highly individualized one-on-one or small group instructions that allow a costumed curriculum and schedule to meet your specific needs.
This is an excellent course for anyone in the medical field, an esthetician, or anyone interested in increasing their skills in the beauty industry. The Fundamental Course in “Scalp Micropigmentation” may be just what you are looking for.
Contact:  Nadiya 618/791-8980, Iryna 618/971-1729
Location:  2321 N. Center Street, Maryville, Illinois 62062
Course Tuition:  $ 1,600.00 (2 Days Training)
Deposit Required:  $800 deposit required with enrollment form, the remaining balance due on or before first day of class.
The Fundamental Course includes permanent cosmetic supplies, training manual, pre-class study material and certification of completion. After completion of course, you will be confident to perform applications:
For Male pattern baldness (Norwood scale), Female pattern baldness (Norwood scale), Types of Alopecia, Receding hairlines, Thinning hair, and Crown hair loss.
Upon completion you will receive:
1. “Scalp Micropigmentation” starter kit. No machine, everyone likes using a specific machine.   
2. Post graduation calling-support, for six months.

 Student Enrollment Forms (PDF)

Scalp MP Training Course Curriculum

This training course is designed for those wishing to enter the Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) field. It is for professionals wishing to learn the skill sets needed to perform a variety of SMP treatments.
Theory content:
Basic review of Anatomy and Physiology of scalp and skin.
What is SMP?
How do you perform SMP applications?
SMP treatments (does it look real)?
  • Male pattern baldness (Norwood scale)
  • Female pattern baldness (Norwood scale)
  • Types of Alopecia
  • Receding hairlines
  • Thinning hair
  • Crown hair loss
How long does SMP last?
Skin condition for SMP.
Understanding your clients & consultation.
  • Medical questionnaire prior to treatment
Pain management during treatments.
SMP Equipment & Pigments.
Color theory – how to choose the right pigments
Preparing/sterilizing workstation.
Hairline creation & designs.
  • Geometry and design
  • Techniques and styles
  • The 3-point stretch
  • Tools – learn how to use your machine & needles
  • Proper application pressure
Density during sessions.
Pigment color theory.
Repair hair transplant scars.
  • Hair transplant w/SMP & scar camouflaging
Aftercare guidelines.
Troubleshooting techniques (if your SMP goes bad).
Marketing your SMP Business.
Treatment pricing.
Two areas greatly improved with SMP treatments.
Woman with extreme thinning.
Will add to areas slowly.
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