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Purifying Mist

Purifying Mist

Purifying Mist
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This clarifying toner helps balance, hydrate and refine the complexion while optimizing the effectiveness of your skincare regimen. Astringent benefits help reduce excess oil and impurities while antioxidants reinforce skin’s strength. Prepares skin to evenly absorb products applied after.
DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, lightly mist face as needed. Follow with your favorite Glo Skin Beauty serum and moisturizer for best results.
DID YOU KNOW? The bark of the White Willow contains Salicin, an ingredient similar to Aspirin and a mild form of Salicylic Acid that promotes gentle exfoliation.
pH 5.17
Daily AMOUNT 2–3 mists
RETAIL 118 mL 4 fl. oz.
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